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DLP Image Tint

If your menu is unaffected, while part or the rest of the screen is tinted, the problem is likely within your cables or or source device. 
First, check the connections at the projector and video/data source.  Disconnect and reconnect the video/data cables, making sure that no connector pins are damaged and that when the cables are seated, the connection is snug.  If you discover damaged pins, replace the cable.
If the pins and connections pass visual inspection, try connecting a new six-foot (two meter) cable directly between the source and projector.   Do not connect to any intermediary receivers or switchboxes.  Use a six-foot (two meter) cable to eliminate any signal drop that can occurr with long cable runs. If the problem is corrected, you may begin adding receiver/switcher components back in and trying your other cables until you have isolated the problem cable or component.

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Last modified at 6/17/2010 11:15 AM  by Julia Bertschinger